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Queen of Preserves

Story contributed by Pearl McHugh, and written by Tarla Kramer. Tips accompanying this story: How to preserve fruit Pearl McHugh was the one to beat in the preserves section of the Quorn Agricultural show, a section she dominated for many … Continue reading

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Secrets to a long life

Mrs Gladys Bond has many memories of when things were quite different in Quorn; she turned 100 in July 2009 and was still living in her own home in Park Terrace. They would be given a sheep to live on once a month, before there were fridges. “First we’d have nice fresh meat for three days and then we used to salt it and that would have to last us for a fortnight. My husband used to put something to make it nice and red, saltpetre, and you’d boil it and let it cool off and put it in this bag in the cooler that we made. The meat was beautiful.” Continue reading

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Camels for Company

Jannene and Graham Cannard of Pichi Richi Camel Tours have given tourists the taste of bush tucker since 2006, with tourists given the opportunity to combine a camel ride with a three-course bush food meal. Jannene developed many of the recipes herself, and some are by local chef Bart Brooks. Sometimes the menu includes yabby, from their dams; other bush flavour ingredients include bush tomato, wattleseed, macadamia, quandong , lemon myrtle and wild lime. Continue reading

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The Well Travelled Chef

Like many successful chefs, Dannielle Murray first developed a love of cooking in the family home. From a very early age she learned that family and food were strongly linked and that preparing meals for your kin was a way of showing you cared for them. “The family, Mum, the aunties and the uncles, they were always great cooks and every time we sat down for a meal when I was younger, there was always family around. I remember cooking when I was a kid and thinking, ‘I want to be a chef when I grow up’,” and that’s exactly what Dannielle Murray did! Her passion has taken her from city to bush and back home again. Continue reading

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Camp Oven Treats from Cook Out Back

Every October long weekend over 500 people converge onto Blinman, a tiny Flinders Ranges town with a permanent population of about 20. A tent city pops up around Blinman’s outskirts and it’s all thanks to Cook Out Back, the Blinman Hotel Camp Oven Cook Off. Continue reading

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Blue Ribbon Cooks

Bob and Margaret Rankin are Wilmington’s Blue Ribbon cooks, appearing in Liz Harfull’s The Blue Ribbon Cookbook. Both of them have been exhibiting for over 20 years and they are heavily involved in keeping country shows going. Continue reading

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Cooking From The Garden

Margie Rowe lives on a sheep station out of Hawker, which has been her home since the 1970s. “I love growing vegetables; it’s a challenge to have a garden in this area because you can have wonderful rains and your garden will flourish, and then you can have heat like we had [in November 2009] where for over a week we experienced temperatures of over 40 degrees.” Continue reading

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