Wild Pepper Kangaroo Shasliks

Recipe from Jannene & Graham Cannard in the story Camels for Company

Crush a handful of wild pepper berries in mortar & pestle to release flavour. Cut approx 500g kangaroo fillet into 3cm cubes. Mix pepper berries into kangaroo, cover & refrigerate overnight.

Soak wooden shaslik skewers overnight in water. Thread pepper berry crusted kangaroo onto shaslik skewers, alternating with vegetables of choice, cut to similar size as kangaroo. Onion & red capsicum work well, so do mushroom and zucchini wedges.

Kangaroo has a strong flavor so choose vegetables that will compliment the flavour. Brush a grill or bbq with olive oil. Cook shasliks until medium-rare. Do not overcook as kangaroo will become tough & dry.

Wild Pepper

Left: Dried/ground leaves, whole dried pepper berries. Right: Pepper berry fruit on the plant.

Wild Pepper (Tasmania lanceolata (Winteraceae Family)), also known as Native or Mountain Pepper, is native to moist temperate forest areas in Tasmania, Victoria, Southern NSW and the ACT. It is cultivated as a native crop in cooler areas of South Australia.

Wild Pepper’s fruits and foliage have a unique hot chilli/pepper-like aroma and flavour. The peppercorn-like fruits may be dried, ground or preserved in brine. The leaves of both male and female plants are dried and milled and used to flavour sauces, chutneys, meats, cheeses, pate, breads, dampers, pastas etc.

Generally berries will appear only on female trees. It grows naturally as a shrub to small tree (2 to over 8 m high and wide), with glossy dark-green leaves and attractive bright red stems. Its berry-like fruits are 5 to 10 mm in diameter, beginning dark red and turning shiny black when ripe in summer or autumn.

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