Feral’s Camel Stew

Recipe from Jannene & Graham Cannard in the story Camels for Company

Jannene and Graham’s camel Feral, who appears to be in charge of the marketing side of Pichi Richi Camel Tours also, it seems, likes to cook!

Feral’s Camel Stew:

  • 3 medium sized camels
  • 1 ton salt
  • 1 ton pepper
  • 500 bushels potatoes
  • 200 bushels carrots
  • 3501 sprigs parsley
  • 2 small rabbits

Cut camels into bite sized pieces. This should take about 1 month. Cut vegetables into cubes (another month). Place meat in pan & cover with 3842 litres of brown gravy. Simmer 4 weeks. Shovel in salt & pepper to taste. When meat is tender, add vegetables. Simmer slowly 4 weeks. Garnish with parsley. Will serve 3900 people. If more are expected, add rabbits.

Note: 1 bushel equals approx 20kg. If you have trouble sourcing camels Feral has a few “friends” she will gladly send to you.

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