Get Your Goat

A tasty short film made near Quorn, in the Flinders Ranges, by film maker Malcolm McKinnon in 2010.

Andrea Tschirner, who lives on a property near Quorn, shows an example of the innovative ways people in the region use feral animals for food. Goats are a feral animal in the Flinders Ranges, that if left unchecked destroys vegetation and native habitats, so using them as a delicious food resource helps to reduce their number.

This story features scenery of the ranges near Quorn in South Australia, and the directions for how to make Nutty Roast Goat. For this and other recipes and stories from the Flinders Ranges, visit

The Film Maker in residence program was supported in 2010 by Arts SA, Flinders Flicks and Flinders Ranges Council. Malcolm McKinnon (Reckless Eye Media) was the film-maker in residence in 2010 and made two films involving the local community of Quorn and the region.

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