Making the Feral Flavours Films

In 2010, a Film Maker in Residence project supported film maker Malcolm McKinnon to come to Quorn SA and work with local residents, to make two short films. Malcolm chose to work with theme “Feral Flavours”, inspired by some of the stories from the Every Dish Tells A Story project.

The two films are “Get Your Goat” and “Roasting the Rabbit”, both showing ways that feral animals are used in the Flinders Ranges. Interestingly, Malcolm McKinnon himself is vegetarian, but was of the opinion that feral animals should be used for their value rather than be a wasted resource.

The original stories were researched and written by Tarla Kramer of Quorn and John Mannion of Pekina. Jane Egerton Warburton who lives in Quorn, assisted with the production of these projects, that were filmed near Quorn and edited in Malcolm’s studio in Melbourne. Other people who were involved were Andrea Tshirner, Stefan Wilton, and Martha Wilton, and a number of friends and family who helped “taste” the finished results.

Below is a gallery of photos taken during the making of the two films, which were made possible through funding support of Arts SA.

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