Information for film makers (2011 Film Project)

If you are interested in making a film during the 2011 film project, this information will help you plan and travel to the Flinders Ranges.

  1. What is it for
  2. Who can participate
  3. Concept: Every dish tells a Story
  4. Support for local film makers
  5. Support for visiting film makers
  6. Suggestions for stories

What is it for:

To connect and support film makers (including emerging film makers, people making films etc) with people and places in the Flinders Ranges as more than just tourists; and to create an exchange between people from various areas to collaborate on and support digital media projects.

Who can participate:

Anyone can contribute a film or photo story or other project to Every Dish Tells A Story. If it fits the concept, we will include it in our online media channels; and it will also be eligible for consideration, to be included in a DVD of films on the topic. Films contributed to Every Dish Tells A Story should be under 15 minutes in length, and include some cultural relevance to the Flinders Ranges as well as including somewhere a recipe or cooking method connected to the main story.


Every Dish Tells A Story is a platform to explore storytelling and to also explore the Flinders Ranges. The underlying theme is to represent that there is much more to food than the ingredients…

By incorporating a recipe or cooking method into the story (and it does not have to be the whole story, only a part of it), it will captivate an existing international audience who have a keen interest in cooking.

All the films are intended to be presented online, and on a DVD to accompany the book when it is published. Therefore the ideal way to approach the films are as short films, ideally 2-6 minutes long, that people can get some insight into the unique nature of the local environment and culture as well as what they are seeking… a new recipe or food flavour idea. This could be achieved through using interviews, a voice over, music and image only, or any other way you express a story using digital media. You can film or photograph your own material or use material we already have collected in our community archive.

Support for film makers:

Ask for assistance to make, create, edit a film – below are some options

  • Assistance to find a story to make, concept suggestions, contacts
  • Technical / crew assistance
  • Equipment assistance (camera, editing suite)

Support for visiting film makers: All of the above plus:

  • Accomodation support
  • Travel assistance

We also expect to invite film makers to talk about their work at promotional events, and will promote your work online and in our projects. In fact, there are so few films that have been made in, and about this topic, that we expect that they will be picked up by SA Memory and hopefully in future also the Mortlock library.

Suggestions for stories:

This is such a comprehensive section we are putting together another page, which includes:

  • topics
  • people
  • places
  • histories
  • resources

Visit this page for material about topics people have asked us about.

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