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This page is slightly still in progress… and lists the topics suggested by local people that may be of interest for film makers to focus on.
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You are free to explore whatever topic you like! Here are topics that many people are interested in that are worth exploring further:

  • Local bush foods and native tucker – the Myaka, Quandong, Wattleseed, Bush Tomato and Wild Lime all grow in the region. Kangaroo and Emu are also good native tucker. These foods are all served as gourmet meals at fancy restaurants but are available here as a local food… if you know where to look.
  • Feral foods – creatures and plants that aren’t native, are running wild and can cause damage to the environment. Many are edible… and tasty. Goat, camel, rabbit and hare are all tasty game meats.
  • Arid lands living, gardening, harvesting… dealing with low rainfall and highly saline bore waters. People can be self sufficient in these conditions but it takes a bit of knowhow.
  • What to do…. people living in regional areas have plenty to keep them occupied. Sport being a number 1 activity and community service groups running a strong number 2. Sport encompasses everything from footy to horse riding to golf, tennis, bowls, bushwalking, bmx & mountain bikes. Community service groups support the community, from sports, youth, events, and so on… all these need feeding!
  • more coming…


  • Senior people… remember the pioneering days of this area. People still alive remember droving, mail trucks, food without fridges, the grand days of the Railways, industrial changes, and much more.
  • Local people are involved in many industries from pastoral, tourism, education, mining, community services.
  • Specialists in areas such as film, illustration, photography etc also live and work in the area
  • Local Indigenous people may have Ardnyamathanha, Bangala and Nukunu heritage.
  • Some local businesses that are connected with food and culture eg:
    • R W Fosters Emporium in Quorn has been vacant for over a decade. It used to be the biggest outback General Store / emporium and is a heritage icon. It was purchased last year by Wendy Brown (Willows Restaurant) and her daughter Brownie. They are doing it up as a fine restaurant and it is due to be opened in May… what are they planning?
    • Four Winds Cultural Guiding. Stefan Wilton is the archetypal Adnyamathanha Aboriginal man. He has spent his entire life in the Flinders Ranges, immersed in his culture. He grew up in Nepabunna Aboriginal Community, surrounded by family, actively practicing and passing on their cultural knowledge. Stefan spent much of his childhood in the bush, learning from his uncles and especially his maternal grandmother, camping, trapping and tracking, cooking, collecting food and learning the stories of his land and the secrets of survival.
    • Jitter Bean. Mobile coffee cart sisters have been making great coffee for events in the Flinders Ranges since 2008… and recently started releasing their own range of Bush Tucker. What got them going and what is the best way to make a great flavour “coffee” from Acacia Victoriana (local species of Prickly Wattle)
    • More coming… very exciting!


The landscape of the Flinders Ranges has inspired film makers to come and use it as a majestic backdrop, and it has appeared in dozens of films from Kangaroo to Australia. But the region is so much more than just a pretty facade. Locations have deep significance and legendary connections for many people, and for others the attraction just keeps growing. Although the big backdrop appeal will always be there, local people can take you on a journey to the intimate spectacle… a secluded gorge where the Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies live; a paddock with an abandoned church, that was a mission and school for many years as well; a rusting section of train bridge, on a line that once connected Quorn to Darwin.


A number of excellent historical resources abound, in the form of living legends and storytellers. John Mannion of Orroroo is a local oral historian who has been taping stories for many years; Maureen McColl of Quorn has written many books and articles on local history (and expects you to have read ’em before you ask her any questions!), Val Francis of Quorn has retouched old photographs of the early days of Steam and the main street of Quorn. Many local residents of the area have contributed their stories to this project and these as well as related video interviews are stored on a hard drive (see “RESOURCES” below.


There is a link to a draft issue of all stories collected so far. This is a fantastic resource with all complete stories and photos. Email us for the download link (please do not redistribute the document as it is a working draft)

In addition to this there is a DVD of oral histories collected by John Mannion during the 2009 Film Maker in Residence project. These resources are also available as unedited original video files that can be included in other films.

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