Underground Mutton… Gladys Bond Looks Back

A short video about Rabbits, Chillers and Camp Pie from an interview with Gladys Bond, by Oral historian and film maker John Mannion (Pekina SA) created in May 2011.

Gladys Bond was 100 when the interview was made in 2009, during a community heritage project called Every Dish Tells A Story about the food, culture and history of the Flinders Ranges South Australia.

John Mannion found a image related to this story on the State Library South Australia’s image collection, during a competition called “Library Hack”, which invited digital media creations to include media from participating Australian Libraries to be eligible for a prize.

John selected an image (B69649), and combined it with the oral history recording and other media he has collected.


Underground Mutton... Gladys Bond Looks Back

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