Bring a plate!

This is a call out for any recipes connected to the Waterside Workers Union / Vitalstatistix Theatre building and its past and present inhabitants… many of whom lived in Port Adelaide.

Send your stories, references and recipes in and they will be added to the projections appearing during the Cutaway project at Vitalstatistix.

What did they eat?

> What did WWU members eat at their meets?
> What did wharfies eat for their lunch?
> what do Born on Monday have for their treats?
> what did PVI collective eat at brunch?

> What have Portonians eaten through the past?
> What was made of Harts Mill Flour?
> What food with which migrants might break their fast?
> What’s hot and you’d eat while yelling “Port Power”?

> Recipes are needed, we call out to get them..
> However related to Waterside it may be,
> Dig out your memory or through your collection,
> and send that recipe or idea to me.

> bringaplate [at]

You might have:
a historical reference to something someone ate
knowledge of an actual recipe (eg, what’s the recipe for Ladykillers “Cake”?)
an incident involving food (who left THAT at the back of the cupboard… and what was it, originally…?)
a recipe or memory for something you’ve heard that people have eaten in the building for an occasion.
Something that was eaten in the area or is associated with Port or with people who’ve worked here

You can send photos, recipes, references etc.

Send through asap for inclusion on Opening night (Fri October 7th)
Send through any time during the Cutaway project and the projections will be updated with the reference the next day.

INSTALLATION SEASON: Sat 8th Oct to Sunday 23rd Oct, 11am-5pm
(open Wed to Sun, closed Mon and Tues).

bringaplate [at]

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